Mini-Series: EPMatrix

Scene I: Welcome to the EPMartix

The Brain: Welcome to the EPMatrix. That’s right, EPMware will now be known as the EPMatrix. My name is The Brain and I will be walking you through the EPMatrix program. Now sit back and enjoy the show. Morpheus?! 

Morpheus: "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the red pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the blue pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

The Brain: Looks like you took the Blue pill. Morpheus, explain how this works.

Morpheus: The pill you took is part of a trace program. It’s designed to disrupt your input/output carrier signal, so we can pinpoint your location.

Neo: What does that mean?

Cypher: It means, buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, because Kansas is about to go bye-bye.

The Brain: Let’s go! Oh, that box that was mentioned in the title? Yes, that does exist. If there wasn’t a box, then how could you say Out-of-the-box functionality? Everything that you could possibly need in a governance tool, you will find inside the EPMatrix…. By the way if you are reading this in Morpheus’ voice that’s awesome.Ok, now on to the EPMatrix. 

Scene II: The Integration

The Oracle: We're all here to do what we're all here to do. I'm interested in one thing, Neo, the future. And believe me, I know, the only way to get there is together.

The Brain: EPMatrix is one of the best at integrating your governance process with common applications found at most companies. For the Cloud there are direct integrations for PBCS, FCCS, OAC, Anaplan, Workday. Have some OnPrem applications? EPMatrix has that covered as well with connections to HFM, Essbase, Planning, EBS R12, EBS 11i. That’s right! Direct integrations for some of the hottest tools in our business. Even better, YOU don’t have to maintain the code. You have both Cloud and OnPrem? No worries, the EPMatrix has you covered. The code is built in such a way that it can interact with both at the same time no matter if the EPMartix is on the Cloud or OnPrem. Makes you wonder if this tool might be “The Oracle” and even better is the question of why Oracle can’t do this out of the box? Either way, it’s awesome. Doesn’t even cost a penny more to do this, as there are no separate adapters to buy. It's like saying batteries included, it’s just the right thing to do.

Scene III: Compliance, a mystery no more

Neo: I don’t like the idea that I am not in control of my life.

The Brain: Don’t worry EPMartix has controls…lots of controls.
EPMatrix comes fully equipped to handle some of the most basic and complex necessities of Compliance and Reporting. It can trace every transaction, even on the approval or rejection in a workflow. Dashboards can render in real time to give insight on many questions that you might have about “life.” Want to play by the rules? EPMatrix come standard with validations to those tools mentioned in the integrations talk we just had. If you integrate with Essbase then you get all the basic validations that you would possibly need to get off the ground running in no time flat. Things like alias length, member not starting with a special character, other restrictions not allowed to flow to Essbase. Including this in the tool will allow you to focus on governance related activities and quality of the workflows that are put in place.
All this is possible out of the EPMatrix box. Yes, there are more things that EPMatrix can do and it would blow your mind if I kept going. I think that Red pill is wearing off. It’s time for you to go. Before you go, one more thing. EPMatrix is “willing to wipe the slate clean, give you a fresh start”. EPMatrix had a “Subject” just recently come to them while owning another “Governance Tool” and were able to successfully swap them out. 
Image result for Merovingian

Merovingian: “Now, I have some real business to attend to, so I will bid you adieu and goodbye”. 

The Brain: Ignore him he gets cranky when people leave. Thanks for coming to the EPMatrix.

Look for your next post in this mini-series 

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This will be a deeper dive into one of the connections that EPMatrix, I mean EPMware has to offer.

Then it will be on to 
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This will be a deeper dive into the validations that come with EPMware

Why did I pick The Brain? Simply if I start calling myself Brain maybe I will get emails with Brian in them rather than Brain.

Why did I change Red to Blue and Blue to Red. Red is an Oracle color and EPMware is not Oracle, so in this case to go down the rabbit hole you must take the Blue Pill. If you have made it this far in the article make sure that when you call on EPMware you tell them The Brain said hi.

I hope you enjoyed this. I know I enjoyed writing it.


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