EPMware Is Not An Ugly Baby

Sometimes, being an independent contractor has its benefits. You get a chance to meet people you otherwise may have never crossed paths with. Many consultants that are working full time in a corporate consulting firm have narrow vision and would never consider stepping outside of their namesake. As an independent, I stepped out from Oracle, my namesake, and straight into EPMware
How It All Started: As soon as I changed my status (LinkedIn) from being a full-time employee to being an independent consultant, EPMware reached out to me. I have years of experience working with ETL tools and many different Oracle tools, but they were specifically interesting in my DRM experience. EPMware felt like they had a tool that was not only equal too but, actually better than DRM. I was skeptical at first, because lets face it, everyone thinks that their baby is the most beautiful baby in the world. If we are honest with ourselves, there are some ugly babies out there. You know the ones I’m talking …

Consultant Handey - Fad


If DRM Were A Super Hero.

What would DRM look like if it were a Super Hero. Maybe a little like this?

It’s time that we look to at Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) as a management tool, not just a place to enter random information or as another point of pain. DRM is a super hero of corporate hierarchy management. 
With Oracle Cloud, it is extremely important that companies see the value that DRM has always held. 
Here is what troubles me and the drive behind this post. I see people writing that DRM is NOW important because of the Cloud, when the truth is it has been important all along. They are just showing their immaturity with the product. Not only has it been important all along, it has been tried and true for many years. I started working with it back in 2006, it was called Razza. 
Quick History Lesson: It was BankOne HCS/CCS, Mazio (briefly), Razza, then MDM, now DRM. 
Through all those name changes and enhancements one thing never changed, whatever it was called, it was a central place to manage al…

OAC Metadata Management

Welcome to the Cloud family OAC!!! Now lets talk about Metadata. Actually before I do that it would be horrible of me to not mention my friends that are a part of a Blog Hop.

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