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EPMware is Multilingual...Only Where It Matters.

Let’s talk multilingual. No, not French, Spanish, or German, although EPMware can handle special characters like ç, ü and so on. Without a special install or configuration EPMware can handle these special characters within any field in the application, this includes the critical fields like member names and aliases.
The multilingual I am talking about is the coding kind. Coding multilingual like Java, SQL, Jython, C++, and other custom language that doesn’t yet have a name. There are governance tools available that include multiple coding languages that are made readily available to the users for creating dynamic/derived properties within the tool. Having multiple languages available to code in is great and the reasoning behind it is flexibility. However, having the multilingual available can also have the opposite effect. It can easily cause the “spaghetti effect”. The spaghetti effect is when there are many different things going on that no one can follow it except, maybe, the person…